How To Make Your Tablet Safe For Kids

Handing down your old tablet to your kids is a great idea. Your kids can begin learning the ins and outs of technology that they’ll be growing with their entire lives, you get a great option for entertainment during travel, and you both benefit from the educational perks that interaction with a tablet can bring. […]

How to Get Creative with Simple STEM Activities for Kids at Home

STEM is a curriculum that is based on educating children about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM takes a more applied and hands-on approach and with technology evolving and always growing; it is important that children get a good grasp on these very important educational concepts. Benefits of STEM for Kids There are many benefits […]

What Level Of Tech Use Is Healthy For My Kids?

In today’s modern world, kids are growing up different than we did. They’re growing up in a digital world where tech impacts their learning, their socialization, and their fun. Going forward, keeping kids away from tech is nearly impossible, and in truth, acts as a hindrance rather than a benefit. With tech integrating more and […]

How Can I Support My Children’s Technology Development?

Avoiding technology is no longer an option for parents. In Australia and all over the world, devices have fully integrated into our everyday lives. As time moves forward, this trend is only expected to increase, making the world your children will grow up in even more tech savvy than it is now. Supporting your child’s […]