How to Get Creative with Simple STEM Activities for Kids at Home

STEM is a curriculum that is based on educating children about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM takes a more applied and hands-on approach and with technology evolving and always growing; it is important that children get a good grasp on these very important educational concepts.

Benefits of STEM for Kids

There are many benefits of STEM programs for kids. One of the biggest benefits about STEM is giving children the opportunity to see how these disciplines will benefit our society in the future and they can learn new concepts with very real-world applications.

STEM also allows them the opportunity to develop important skill sets including analytical thinking, the ability to work independently, and the ability to learn how to problem solve.

STEM Activities for Toddlers

STEM is good for engaging toddlers and making learning both interesting and fun. It also provides a multisensory experience to make learning for meaningful and memorable.

For an easy STEM activity to do with your toddler, you can grab a few things you probably already have sitting in your pantry to create a beautiful rainbow in a jar. Gather a tall and clear container, honey, light corn syrup, dish soap, olive oil, rubbing alcohol, water, food colouring and a dropper.

During the experiment, you can teach the toddler about the different weights of liquids and how everything is made of molecules.

STEM for Preschool

STEM is great for preschoolers because it allows them to explore, discover, observe and experiment; just as they can do with the following activity.

Dancing Frankenworms is an excellent activity for toddlers, especially if they like little creatures. All you will need is a little baking soda and vinegar to make a few gummy worms do a little dance.

This experiment will teach them about the reaction that occurs between baking soda and vinegar.

STEM for Older Kids

STEM can also positively encourage older, school-aged children, to get up and explore and experiment. It is an engaging way to get them to learn new things. Computer coding is one concept they may find some fun learning and the Star Walk app is the perfect application for them to explore.