How To Make Your Tablet Safe For Kids

Handing down your old tablet to your kids is a great idea. Your kids can begin learning the ins and outs of technology that they’ll be growing with their entire lives, you get a great option for entertainment during travel, and you both benefit from the educational perks that interaction with a tablet can bring.

Before you hand your old tablet over, however, it’s important to make sure it’s been set up to be safe for kids.

Tips For Childproofing Your Tablet

There are a few things you should do before handing your old tablet over to your little ones. A few tips for childproofing your tablet include:

  • Invest in a sturdy Tablet Case
    • Kids are known to get a little rough, and a sturdy tablet case will ensure the tablet stays safe from play. Tablet cases come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours, and allowing your child to choose the one he or she likes can make it a great experience in personalising their new tech.
  • Factory reset
    • If your tablet was used for surfing the web, sending messages, or signing onto social media, you’re going to want to make sure you reset the device to its original factory settings. Under the settings menu on your tablet, you should be able to factory reset at home rather easily.
  • Block purchases
    • Blocking in app purchases will ensure you don’t find any surprise charges on your credit cards from your child’s favourite games and applications.
  • Set up parental controls
    • Parental control apps available for any type of tablet allow you to control the type of media and activities your child is able to consume on their tablet. Both iOS and Android operating systems have their own parental control apps for your chosen type of device.