Impacts of Using Headphones on Kids


The use of headphones by kids may carry the risk of hearing loss in the future if your child uses them for prolonged periods of time or when they play music too loudly. Today, we are seeing more and more kids as young as toddlers using headphones and electronics to keep busy. But do we really understand the risk involved with utilising an ordinary set of headphones?

How to Minimize Long-Term Issues

To help minimise any long-term issues your child may face due to using the wrong headphones, it is important to look for headphones that are safe for younger years. This means that the volume is limited on the device. However, many companies claim on the package that the volume is restricted on their headphones, but this isn’t always the case.

Levels should stay within sixty percent of the maximum volume, and the headphones should not be used for more than an hour at a time. If they are any louder than the recommended setting, then that duration should be much shorter.

Volume Limiting Headphones

Bluedio A2 Bluetooth Headphones offer functionality, safety, and style. These headphones are equipped with volume control, so you can be sure that those little ears are staying safe and healthy.

A good set of volume-limiting headphones will be effective at protecting your little ones’ ears should they decide to try to crank the volume up to the highest setting. The mechanism will stop the volume from increasing and will ultimately save little ears from incurring any damage.

For smaller children, the headphones that close around the ears are also ideal and are safer and more comfortable for them to use compared to earbuds. There is also less chance of anything becoming tangled and causing your little one undue stress.