Ways to Make Reading Fun for Kids

With so much electronic use these days, it is more important now than ever to encourage your child to sit down and read a book. However, you may have to take a few steps to get them interested and show them that reading really can be a fun activity.

Additionally, if the child feels that they have to read, they will then begin to look at reading as a chore that they need to complete, and this can suck all the fun out of it for them. So, it is our job as parents to find fun and creative ways to make reading fun again.

Try an Audiobook

While an audiobook isn’t exactly the same as a traditional book, it still definitely counts toward their reading goals. It is very similar to reading to them when they are younger. They are learning how to listen to the text and act accordingly to what they are hearing and learning.

Create a Themed Reading Nook

Having a special place for them to escape to and read may also make reading look more like a fun activity, rather than a chore. Creating a space that is themed to their likes and is comfortable and inviting will be a lot more appealing to them than just sitting on the couch or their bed to read.

Read the Book and Watch the Movie

As adults, we are all probably guilty of reading the book and then watching the movie to compare. So, why not take this concept and apply it to our children? First, have them read the book from beginning to end and then let them see the movie so they can see the story they just read come to life on screen.

It also creates a unique opportunity to open a dialogue about the differences they may have spotted between the book and the movie. Doing this also adds another level of fun because it turns into a game to play.